Hanselmann Pottery was founded in 1970 in the village of Corrales, New Mexico. To this day we are committed to creating art in the medium of handmade, functional stoneware. Each piece begins as a ball of clay that is turned by hand on a wheel, and ends as a piece of durable high-fire stoneware.  Our design choices are informed by the history of the craft, and the innovative minds of present-day chefs, brewers, roasters and, our customers.

There are many methods for manufacturing ceramics these days yet many methods and materials have changed very little over the centuries. At Hanselmann Pottery we are connecting the pottery to a legacy of craftsmanship, tradition, design and an awareness of what it means to be a pottery in the 21st century USA.   

The pieces are thrown on a wheel and with all the ways to make a pot. Throwing is still the most dynamic, spontaneous and creative way to capture the form. It is however not the fastest. It takes several years of intense practice to become proficient on the wheel and the craft requires a developed sense of space, form and scale.

Every one of our mugs, plates, and bowls are crafted entirely by hand. The lengthy process, from a ball of clay to a finished piece, takes at least three weeks. Each piece is turned on the wheel by hand, then set out to dry until handles can be applied, or foot rings trimmed out.

We fire our work twice, first from delicate greenware to a bisque of about 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, and then we wax & glaze the pieces before finally, once we have accumulated enough glazeware to fill our large gas-fired kiln, we spend a day carefully loading the work. The work is fired to cone 10 or 2350 degrees Fahrenheit. We fire our work in a kiln referred to as a ‘car kiln’ because the floor rolls out on a short track for ease of loading .  

Over the course of the next 16 hours the pottery reaches 2350 degrees Fahrenheit, and the glazes glassify, creating a beautiful and durable piece of functional stoneware.

The palette of glazes have been collected and tested for years, and we continue to test and innovate in order to create freshness and sustainability of the collection for years to come.


We love to show you how it's done! Our gallery is open 7 days a week, from 8am to 8pm, and we are available to give tours most weekdays during those hours but to ensure we are available to give a tour, it is best to use our Studio Tours Form to arrange a date and time with us. Tours of our Studio and Kiln yard are complimentary.


Our gallery and studio is located right on Corrales Road in the scenic town of Corrales, New Mexico - just a 30 minute drive from Downtown Albuquerque, where you will find many restaurants and unique shops. Our gallery is open 7 days a week, from 8am to 8pm